Paperback now Available


paperback availableBetter late than never, right? Life is But a Dream is finally (!!) available in paperback through Amazon. I seriously cannot believe I can actually hold a copy of the book in my hand and carry it with me … …

Paperback Coming Soon!


As much as I love the convenience of having a book at my fingertips at all times, I definitely still feel most connected to a story when I am physically turning the pages.

Since publishing Life is But a Dream …

Black Friday Early Sale!


For a (very) limited time Life is But a Dream is only 99 cents! If you haven’t ordered your Kindle Edition yet, now is your chance!

Slowly, But Surely

Self-publishing for the first time has been completely nerve-racking! As my friends slowly work their way through the novel, it takes a lot of energy and effort to not go a little crazy emailing and calling them to find out …

Life really is a dream


Releasing Life is But a Dream has been a year in the making. It honestly feels like just yesterday that I was sitting down in mid-October 2013 to layout the characters and plot to prepare for NaNoWriMo. Those familiar with …

Mark Your Calendars!


I am so excited to finally announce Life is But a Dream will be published on November 18, 2014! Currently, the ebook will be available exclusively through Amazon Kindle with other formats following in early 2015. Pre-Orders are available now!