The Blue Bistro, Elin Hilderbrand


The Blue Bistro, Elin Hilderbrand


When I finished Summer of ‘69, my first Elin Hilderbrand read, everyone, including the queen herself, suggested The Blue Bistro.

Let me start this review with a little Andrea factoid—until recently, my entire career has been in the restaurant industry. I’ve worked nearly every position inside the 4-walls and have run marketing for a handful of regional chains. Now, I’m in retail marketing, so it’s not too dissimilar.

The accuracy to which she portrays restaurant life is astonishing. The relationships between staff. The drama. The guests. It took me back.

Because of this, The Blue Bistro was a slow burn. It took me a while to get into the story and connect to Adrienne. I connected to the bistro first. Weird. I know.

As always, Elin’s writing is seamless. It’s clean and free of pretentiousness. The story is deep and human.

I have a confession to make… I judged Elin’s books on their covers. I thought they were fluffy beach romance novels. Nope. She writes deeply personal fiction with hints of love and loads of reality. I’m hooked.

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