Little Weirds, Jenny Slate

I came into Little Weirds with zero expectations and left with a massive girl crush on Jenny Slate. Before reading Little Weirds, Jenny Slate was a comedian, a voice that appears in movies my kids love, and a myriad of other things that we assign to actresses and celebrities. Now I know the truth. Jenny Slate is a vivid writer with endless imagination.

The prose within Little Weirds was rich and lively. I listened to the audiobook and am fairly certain I need to get the print version as well.

The Sweeney Sisters, Lian Dolan

You know those books that just make you want to smile? That was The Sweeney Sisters.

Each sister had a complex, relatable story and journey that brought them to life. Even the characters not present much on page, Bill, Maeve, and Birdie felt real and alive.

This was the exact book I needed to pull me away from the insanity of 2020.

Valentine, Elizabeth Wetmore

I had such high hopes for Valentine when I picked it for my April BOTM. I’d seen amazing reviews on Bookstagram and Jenna Bush Hager picked it for her April book club. But, it fell short for me.

I loved the writing and voice of the book but the story felt disconnected. Each character could have her own book, and I wanted more of them. But especially more of Glory. Her story was lost in the story of so many other women.

I Would Never … But if I Did, Maria Ann Green

You know those deeply tortured, complicated, flawed characters that are so endearing you can’t help but love them?

That’s Taryn Sams. At times, I wanted to grab her by the shoulders and shake some sense into her … like, girl, listen to your friend and family!

As always, Maria Ann Green’s writing is flawless, even if her characters aren’t. She knows how to tug your heart and suck you into a story.

You and Me and Us, Alison Hammer

You and Me and Us, Alison Hammer. Thank you to the publisher & NetGalley for the gifted copy.

This book is beautiful and heartbreaking and all the things. Amazing. Pretty sure this book gutted me—in a good, cathartic way.
See, when I was ten I lost my dad to cancer. Like the father in You and Me and Us, my dad’s name was Thomas. So, this one was a hard one for me. I legit started crying writing that sentence.

All the stars. All the tears. All the feels. Thank you @thishammer for this beautiful book.

Beach Read, Emily Henry

I just finished Beach Read by Emily Henry, and it was the kind of book that just grabbed me and pulled me into the comfort of its pages. January and Gus were both deep, flawed, relatable, and absolutely perfect for each other.

The quick-witted banter between the two was perfect.

Henry’s writing and voice sucked me in and didn’t let me down. Not once. I seriously couldn’t stop reading but also never wanted it to end.

As a woman who writes women’s fiction, I really related to January and loved how the author made the art of storytelling a heavy part of the story.

I Would Never … But if I Did, Maria Ann Green

Few things bring me greater joy than sharing the amazing work of my author friends. Maria Ann Green is a brilliant, talented, and amazing author who’s book captivate and enthrall me. I cannot wait to dive into her new book, I Would Never … But if I Did.

AND check out this gorgeous cover she designed!

About the book:
Taryn Sams doesn’t believe in love. Period. Every time she’s gotten close, her happiness has been ripped from her, proving once again the only thing worth believing in is the inevitability of her own – and others – screw-ups.

For Austin Wright, Taryn is the one who got away. But really, if he’s honest with himself, he pushed her away, with one hard shove. He did the one thing he told her he never would do and shattered both of their hearts. But it’s been years since then, and somehow Austin and Taryn found a way to be friends, albeit dysfunctional ones. 

Theo Evans is the other man in Taryn’s life. He’s also Austin’s best friend. But, to be fair, he’s been in love with Taryn longer. He accepts Taryn as she is, broken, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to be the one she chooses in the end. 

Taryn isn’t the only one with someone else in her life. Austin has a girlfriend he’s trying to see a future with even though she can’t live up to those that came before. Yet they keep coming back together like magnets, unable to resist the pull to each other. Taryn continues her relationship with Theo while starting up again with Austin, willing to give him one more shot though not willing to let go of Theo just yet. While juggling the two men, she’s hoping that her once-bitter heart will eventually open up and tell her who to choose, hoping that she isn’t deluding herself yet again about what’s real and what’s possible. 

Can love win Taryn over, or will she screw up her own life yet again, and the lives of at least three others in the process?

*Content Warning: Sexual content, alcohol and drug use, depression, and language*

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Exclusive Excerpt:

“I would never cheat on her, but if I did, it would only be with you.”

His stupid, insensitive words, from who-the-fuck-knows how long ago, a lifetime—from a couple girlfriends ago—feel more and more like I imagined them. And still, I can’t let go; they rattle and clank but just won’t leave. So I tip the bottle of booze back, taking another long pull. And I shouldn’t be surprised when I have to bite back both the gag and mouthful of saliva that follow way too quickly. At this point, it’s almost instant. But I am. Though, after some quick swallowing and a violent shudder, I’m pretty sure it’s not coming back up.


I don’t even know why I’m thinking about him, about that, I forget what brought it up this time. But something always does, and, every time, those memories lead to nights like this.


Looking between the bottle in my hand and Maicy eyeing me like I’m a glass on the edge of a shelf, too close to falling, to shattering, I can’t take it. I just can’t. No thank you.

So I take another drink, intending to get drunk.

The Honey-Don’t List, Christina Lauren

Review: The Honey-Don’t List, Christina Lauren (Thank you to the publisher & NetGalley for the gifted copy)

This is only my third Christina Lauren book but I think it’s my favorite.

I absolutely loved Carey and James together but my favorite part of this book was how Carey spent it finding her voice and her strength. She saw what needed to be done and did it, and she didn’t need James or anyone else to do it for her. She didn’t hide behind her condition or try to use it as her reason to not change; nor did she let it change her.

A Good Neighborhood, Therese Anne Fowler

I came into A Good Neighborhood a bit timid. I’d seen mixed reviews. Some hated it. Some loved it. I was worried about which side I’d fall on.

Perhaps because I live in the South or maybe because I’m a raging empath, I feel hard and fast into this book.

Xavier’s story is one that was so promising and uplifting—he was going places—until a selfish, racist, piece of trash decided his own life and desires mattered more than anything.

I loved everything about this book, until the ending. I wanted, well, I can’t tell you what I wanted without spoiling the ending.

I have a feeling this is a story that will stay with me for a while.