Hair, hair and more … or less … hair

My hair through the years (I <3 a good car selfie).


Ok time for some really honest talk – post baby hair. It sucks. Postpartum hair loss is real. Hair loss  after weaning from breastfeeding is real (no one told me that). You know what else is real that no one tells you about? Sometimes your hair never recovers. Sometimes it stays thin and weak and grows at a snail’s pace.

Some mamas get lucky and have amazing hair growth during pregnancy … I am not one of those mamas.  My hair stayed the same during my first pregnancy and then about three months postpartum, it started falling out. Then I cut it and changed dry shampoo brands. My hair got fried and I had to cut it shorter. This was almost two years ago and I’m still trying to grow it back out.

I’ve  tried supplements. I’ve tried to love short hair. Neither worked. Then I dyed it pink and then darker ombré and then back to platinum. It got more damaged. It’s been three months since I’ve touched my hair with bleach or scissors and it’s barely grown an inch.

So, I bought a weave. No shame. Zero. I miss my long, healthy hair. I miss feeling confident in my hair.

Rachel, my stylist and owner of Parlor 13 in Mt. Juliet, suggested I look into the halo style extensions and recommended the Sonos Solo by Donna Bella. I mulled it over for a few weeks and finally pulled the trigger. My hair is platinum, so we ordered the 16” deluxe in #60. Rachel toned it to match my shade of platinum and then cut several inches off and layered it to better blend with my hair.

Donna Bella Sonos Solo Halo before and after being toned and layered.

It still feels weird, but the hair blends beautifully with my natural hair and the best part? I can decide when to wear it and when to not. It’s going to take a few days to get used to wearing it, but it’s easy to put on and remove.

Hair before and after Sono Solo Halo (Donna Bella).





The Eye(lashe)s Have It

Few things haunt me more than my desire to have eyelashes that are actually visible to the outside world. Superficial? Maybe, but I don’t care. I love makeup and I love they way it can transform my entire outlook. Sometimes, all a girl needs to turn a crap day around is some bright lipstick (or lip stain, if you’re like me), a good mascara and a latte.

This look features:
Younique primer, liquid foundation in Organza, Moodstruck Addiction Palette 2, Moodstruck brow pencil & gel in Medium, 3D Fiber Lashes, lipstain in Skittish.
It Cosmetics: Bye Bye Redness & Bye Bye Undereye
Burberry: Effortless Eyeliner in black

Moodstruck Addiction Palette #1


Moodstruck Addiction Palette 1 using Sincere, Swanky, Brassy and Zealous. Lips: Lucrative Lip Gloss in Lavish. Brows: Moodstruck Precision in Medium.

I am a straight up sucker for a good eye shadow palette – especially now that I know how to create looks. A few months ago, I was introduced to Younique … yeah, the one with that insane mascara. A fellow mom friend (thank you Ashley) shared photos of their palettes and I was sold. I started with Palette 1, which I used in the photo here. Quickly, I added Palettes 2 and 3 to my collection – I could not love them more!

For this look, I applied Sincere to my browbone and full lid then used Swanky for my lower lid, Zelaous for the outer “C” and Brassy for a pop of color on the inner lid. I love this look because it is dramatic enough to have fun, but also tame enough for the office. Plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to pose for selfies at their desk?

Check out the full collection (and TWO new palettes, which I will be reviewing soon) on my Younique page. I promise you won’t be disappointed.



Younique’s Moodstruck Addiction 1 Palette is great for creating a natural or dramatic smokey eye. Just look at those pigments!

The shadows are very pigmented and go on smoothly with very little flaking. I apply with my fingers … when you are blind and uncoordinated as I am, your brush will often make contact with the mirror. What can I say, I am talented.

Make Up Forever – Sens’Eyes

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled to find an eye makeup remover that doesn’t leave a greasy, nasty residue that makes it impossible to see for about 15 minutes. But, a few months ago I discovered Make Up Forever’s Sens’Eyes and it has been life changing.

With a few quick swipes, one pump removes all my eye makeup – even mascara. No raccoon eyes. And, no icky, greasy feeling. If you’ve been looking for a good and effective eye makeup remover, you owe it to yourself to try this.

Please bear with me and my amateur video hour. But, seriously, this stuff is legit.

A Lesson we can all Learn

When people ask me why I wake up so early, I say “I need time to chill” or “I like to move slow in the morning.” In reality, I wake up early to give myself time to put on my brave face or to curl my hair or straighten it. In other words, I wake up early to give a damn. Why? Simply because we live in a society where a girl who doesn’t take the time to paint her face or tame her hair is deemed as lazy or that she just doesn’t care about herself.

This is bull shitake mushrooms – sure, there are days when I am lazier than others or that I care more about how I look, but that doesn’t mean I view myself any differently or like myself any more or less. The video and song below from Colbie Caillat is my new anthem – why should I try to make others like me when sometimes I don’t even like myself. I need to remember to start there and care about that before I give a crap about what other’s think.

At the same time, sometimes I take the extra time for myself – because I want to feel a little more comfortable or to reassure myself. Sometimes, it is nice to spend a little more time or money on yourself, and that is totally okay – and, quite frankly, encouraged. After all, if you don’t spoil yourself, who will?