Chapter Six and The Slowdown

Chapter six started as something else and then I felt that the story might be moving too quickly, so I decided to insert another chapter. As a result, my flow was a little off and the words did not come as easily. But considering I knocked out over 10,000 words in two days, I am good with where today ended up. Hopefully, I can keep up the momentum over the week along with workouts, work and school.

It’s not easy, but I’ve found that writing and the promise of writing is helping to balance things out. It is energizing to be excited about a project and I’ve found I am able to take that enthusiasm and translate it to work or school when I am not writing.

Hi, my name is Andrea and I am feeling extra cheestastic today 🙂

With that, Chapter Six is up and I am a little envious of Rebecca’s outfit. I do not have the balls to wear red pants.

Chapter Six

Chapter Six by girlinnashville featuring black shoes