A Lesson we can all Learn

When people ask me why I wake up so early, I say “I need time to chill” or “I like to move slow in the morning.” In reality, I wake up early to give myself time to put on my brave face or to curl my hair or straighten it. In other words, I wake up early to give a damn. Why? Simply because we live in a society where a girl who doesn’t take the time to paint her face or tame her hair is deemed as lazy or that she just doesn’t care about herself.

This is bull shitake mushrooms – sure, there are days when I am lazier than others or that I care more about how I look, but that doesn’t mean I view myself any differently or like myself any more or less. The video and song below from Colbie Caillat is my new anthem – why should I try to make others like me when sometimes I don’t even like myself. I need to remember to start there and care about that before I give a crap about what other’s think.

At the same time, sometimes I take the extra time for myself – because I want to feel a little more comfortable or to reassure myself. Sometimes, it is nice to spend a little more time or money on yourself, and that is totally okay – and, quite frankly, encouraged. After all, if you don’t spoil yourself, who will?