Review: The Intimacy Experiment, Rosie Danan

(thank you to Berkley for the free ebook)

Y’all, I’ve been reading romance for a very long time. A long, long time. I’ve met many swoon-worthy men. I’ve swooned. I know I have.

But I’ve never had a book boyfriend quite like Rabbi Ethan Cohen. Seriously. Serve me that man on a platter. He’s hot, compassionate, dedicated, patient, and a million other adjectives.

I adored Naomi, too. She was flawed and strong and also willing to be vulnerable. She never compromised herself when she let her walls down to let Ethan in. She remained true to who she was, which I loved. Naomi is the kind of woman I aspire to be.

So, yup. I loved this book. I will definitely be picking up Rosie Danan’s other books. All of them.

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