Out of Anywhere

I wrote Out of Anywhere back in 2019. Pre-pandemic. Pre-life changes. I fell in love with Shay and her story, and it took me a few years to feel ready to share it with the world.

Out of Anywhere (August 3, 2021)
Having lived as a nomad for most of her life, Shay Lane is desperate to find a place to call home. Yet, she follows in her estranged mother’s wandering footsteps and bounces from town to town, never settling down, because it’s the only way she knows.

That is until her car dies outside Wishing, Missouri, and she finds herself stranded in a small town filled with nosy neighbors and too many questions. Shay is eager to leave as soon as she can but when random gifts start appearing, her curiosity gets the best of her. Shay doesn’t know what to think or who to thank, or what they expect in return.

As Shay settles into a life in Wishing, she searches for the identity of her anonymous benefactor. With each new gift, the threads of her life and her mother’s begin to unravel. If she pulls the wrong one, she may never find her mother or the home she’s been searching for.

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