Why do I do this?

Sometimes really terrible ideas will randomly sound completely genius. Like when the president of your company and your boss decide to start a half marathon training group. You think, oh, awesome team building AND I can get into running. Plus, this provides some pretty steep accountability, so I can’t fail, right?

All good in theory – but, if you’ve read any of my past posts on training for a 5K or starting to run, you might have noticed a pattern. I love to start new running programs (mostly because it means NEW SHOES!), but I bet you’ve never read a single post on my finishing that 5K or running program. Why is that, you might wonder. Well, it’s simple. Running is stupid. Running hurts. Running is something I hate.

Or, so I thought.

Let me preface this statement with the fact that I am just two weeks in – BUT, the last few mornings, I’ve not only managed to run more than 30 seconds (a HUGE accomplishment for me), but I also haven’t completely hated every step of it. Which, makes me wonder a little bit about what makes this time different. Is it the team aspect? Or, something else. I think it might be a combination of a few things.

First, I have found a really awesome iPhone app called Gipis that built a training program specific to me. The first question asked what my last run was with “I don’t run” as the first option (#NailedIt) and then proceeded to ask my goals and time frame. Since I have more than 30 weeks to train for the half marathon, it built a really reasonable goal and timeline for my training. Nothing crazy out of the gate, but also something that will build my ability to run while not killing my desire to do so.

Second, I have major health goals. As newlyweds, my husband and I are trying to get pregnant. I want to be as healthy as possible so my body is ready to grow a person. Part of that includes trying to get fit. Over the past 2-3 years, I have been so up and down and gained and lost the same 25 pounds. I need to focus on something more consistent and attainable – this is where the Gipis program has become incredibly helpful.

Third, it sure helps to be accountable to the people I see every single day. Does getting up at 4 am and driving 15 minutes to run for an hour in the dark every Tuesday really stink – yep. But, knowing I won’t be solo while I am there and that I have support seriously helps.

Lastly, my husband runs. He actually enjoys it (not sure I’ll ever get there – but my goal is to not hate it) and he encourages me. He’ll walk when I need to walk and then run up and come back – getting him more miles and allowing me to not get completely freaked out by the dark or nature (side note, nature is gross and creepy at 5 in the morning). I also know that if I suggest we go for a walk or a walk/run, he is always down. We usually have really good talks on these walks too.

So, it is my goal to keep with it this time. To actually keep with the training and build my running ability and to run the St. Jude Country Music Half Marathon in April. I am committing here and now that this one will stick and you’ll be sick and tired of hearing about my running or walk/running.