Snowflakes, Delicate Little Snowflakes

A delicate little snowflake. That’s what the Right likes to call the Left – especially us bleeding heart liberals (since when did caring for human beings become a bad thing??). It’s meant to imply that we are weak and delicate. Sure, one snowflake can melt under the sun and heat, but 65 million snowflakes?¬†Together, snowflakes are mighty.

When snowflakes come together, it’s a beautiful and majestic sight. People dream of it and when it happens on Christmas, it’s pure magic. One Snowflake can’t change the landscape on its own, but bring us all together and we can change everything.

Together, snowflakes are anything but delicate.

Together, snowflakes can bring power to its knees.

Together, snowflakes can move mountains and reshape landscapes.

Together, snowflakes can shut down cities and stop traffic.

Together, snowflakes can change the conversation.

Together, snowflakes can unite us all.

Together, snowflakes can blanket the ugly and reveal beauty.

Together, snowflakes stand tall and grow stronger with every additional snowflake.

Alone, a single snowflake will melt and wither away. But, when we come together, we add up to an unstoppable force.