Releasing a Piece of Me into the World

I’ve been staring at the long list of things I need to do to prepare for a big book release, and I’m overwhelmed.

This release feels different. This book IS different from anything I’ve written or released. It’s also one of my favorite books because it is a bit raw.

Shay, the main character, is a lost soul who isn’t quite sure where she belongs or if she even wants to. She can count on herself and no one else. She doesn’t let people in. Her walls are tall and wide. She’s been hurt, and she’ll be damned if she lets it happen again.

In a lot of ways, Shay is me … but a little more broken. I want to protect her and keep her safe. Releasing her out into the world is a wee bit terrifying.

All that to say … Out of Anywhere is out on 8/3! Pre-order now or request it on NetGalley and fall in love with Shay now. ⁣

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