Becoming, Michelle Obama


Becoming, Michelle Obama


Oh Michelle. Your voice and story were exactly what I needed.

I picked up both the hardcover and audiobook of Becoming. I much prefer to listen to memoirs rather than read them. Hearing the author’s story is always so much more intimate and personal when you can hear their words in their own voice.

I learned so much about Michelle in a Becoming. I fell I love with her all over again. I cried tears of joy, empathy or sadness in nearly every chapter.

As a working mother, her openness about her struggles with balance and working mom guilt resonated deeply with me.

Her love for Barrack, her daughters, her family and America is genuine and raw. She tells her story with a humbleness that few possess.

I found myself wanting to keep listening to hear the full story but dreading the final words. Reliving the Obama White House years through her words brought me great comfort.

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