Mrs. Everything, Jennifer Weiner


Mrs. Everything, Jennifer Weiner (available 6/11/19)


Where do I even begin? This book had my attention and heart from the first words in the author’s note.

Mrs. Everything follows Jo and Bethie, two Jewish sisters growing up in Detroit in the 1950s. The book tells each of their stories as they grow up, leave home, get married, have kids (or not) and find (or hide) themselves.

Jennifer Weiner’s books have always been among my favorites and her books are pretty much auto buys for me. The instant I saw she had a new one coming out, I preordered it. When I saw it on Netgalley, I immediately wished for it and nearly died when the publisher, Atria Books, granted my wish for the book. (Still keeping my preorder, because I fully believe in supporting authors and buying their books.)

Mrs. Everything just might be my top book of 2019. I know it’s still early in the year, but this book masterfully tackles hard and triggering topics. Weiner painted a beautiful narrative and presented two wildly different characters, yet I was drawn to and related to both in different ways.

As I read, my heart broke, not only for the sisters, but also for all the women who’ve followed similar paths and found a way to fight so no woman ever has to walk alone or broken.

This book was perfect from the beginning until the very last page.

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