Such a Fun Age, Kiley Reid

I’m still processing all of my feelings and reactions to Such a Fun Age. Most of all, I wanted to pull Emira into a big hug and thank her for finding and using her voice to stand up for herself, on her own. Everyone else was trying to shove their voices and beliefs onto her—Kelley, her friends, Alix—but in the end, she stood on her own two feet and took charge.

I really struggled with Alix. I liked her and hated her all at the same time. Her victim mentality and desire to be the white lady savior irritated me. But, I also related to her struggles as a mother. Mostly, though, I wanted to shake her shoulders and yell at her to let it go.

Overall, I loved Such a Fun Age, and I’d very much like a full-length sequel all about Briar’s life after Emira. And, maybe one with Zara, too.

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