Topics of Conversation, Miranda Popkey

I have a love for books that buck conventions and challenge the status quo. Topics of Conversation did this on several fronts.

The book is written in a stream of consciousness/journal-like style. The prose is almost lyrical in how it flows. I have a soft spot for that style of writing. I love being able to feel when the writer took a breath or lost their breath because what they had to say demanded they speak until there was no air left.

Topics of Conversation dives headfirst into some of the deepest and darkest truths of life as a woman. Everything from relationships to sex to work.

A bit of a warning, though, it’s a heavy read. I found myself angered at some of the topics discussed, but it’s real.

It was almost as if the author sliced open the heart and soul of a woman and bared it open for all of us to see, uncomfortable bits and all.

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