Waiting For Tom Hanks, Kerry Winfrey


Waiting For Tom Hanks, Kerry Winfrey


Confession: I LOVE rom-com movies. Like, love them more than Chris Evans. Okay, maybe not that much. (If I’m being honest, Chris Evans is my Tom Hanks.)

Until this year, I didn’t love reading rom-coms. In fact, I swore them off. Then I read one. And then another. And, well, turns out that I do love them.

Waiting For Tom Hanks was a fun read with characters I adored. I loved Annie and Drew but Chloe stoke my heart, and I cannot wait for @kerrywinfrey’s next book because it’s Chloe’s story!

Another thing I loved about Waiting For Tom Hanks? It wasn’t set in NYC. It was set in Columbus, Ohio and in an area I’ve actually spent time in. Earlier in my career, I worked on the  Max & Erma’s marketing team. That restaurant started in German Village, where this book takes place. I love being able to connect to a book’s setting.

If you love a solid rom-com with lovable characters and Midwestern settings, you’ll enjoy this one. 

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