Cozy Reading Nook

When you’re a mom, you rarely get space that is just yours. Even the toilet is shared space when you have small kids (one day, I’ll remember what it’s like to pee without an audience).

Ever since I started reading and writing again, I’ve been bugging my husband for a reading chair. A recliner. A giant bean bag chair. Whatever as long as it was mine and only mine.

I’ve found approximately fifty chairs I HAD to have. But, none that were perfect. That is until this beauty came into my life. I found it at Bargain Hunt, but it is originally from Target. The Target regular price was $232, it was only $150 at Bargain Hunt. Score.

The reviews on Target’s website say it isn’t comfortable, but the are wrong. The chair is firm and supportive, which is perfect. And, I can curl up in it comfortably. It’s also amazing for writing.

In a word, it is perfect.

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