Getting Back to Me

For the past year, I’ve been attempting to balance working motherhood, marriage, reading, launching a Bookstagram, and writing and querying.

I wrote four full manuscripts. I read 120 books. I lost my patience, my temper, and at times, my mind. I stopped taking care of myself. My hair? Hot mess. My makeup? Huh, what’s that? My nails? Anxiety chewed a hole through my hands.

Nothing was or is balanced. The scales will never be perfect and that’s okay. What isn’t okay is that I completely let my health and self-care slip into the void.

I’m proud of the writing I did and the progress I made (12 manuscript requests and counting, let’s not talk about the rejections that piled up as well). I’m not to my goal yet, but I am closer.

I absolutely love the Bookstagram community I’ve joined. I’ve made some amazing friends there too—writing partners, confidants, mom friends—and it’s been a joy to be a part of.

I’m not planning on changing any of this, but I do need to get back to doing the things I loved doing before. My first step? Getting my platinum hair back. I missed it. A lot. Then, back to doing my makeup and having fun with it. Because for me, it is about the fun of it and not whatever society deems as important or beauty or whatever. It’s for me.

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