Election Postmortem

Two weeks later and I’m still wrestling with the idea that a quarter of America has enough contempt for their neighbors to elect a president willing to strip them of their rights. Perhaps I am naive, but I used to believe America was making progress on its racial, religious and gender divides. But, here we are.

It’s 2016 and we still haven’t grasped the concept of love they neighbor.

The United States will never succeed or last unless we all come together to support each other.

We, human beings, are all in this together. We eat the same food. We breath the same air. We walk the same earth. We are born and we all die. Why is that we use the little things to divide us?

We put ourselves it little classification buckets and we cling to those titles like they are gold. But, what truly defines us as human beings is how we treat each other. Do we help each other when we need it? Do we pick each other up when we fall? Or, do we laugh and mock those who struggle? It seems we gravitate towards the latter. And, that’s why we are where we are.

Since the election, I’ve amassed a large number of new “friends.” This group is, for the most part, like minded. We all had a similar goal and are seemingly connected. And yet, when one of us disagrees with a core belief of another, the wolves come out with pitchforks drawn. We are so quick to crucify our own when a dissenting thought emerges.

Aren’t these different thoughts and opinions the very thing that makes us great? Aren’t different ideas crucial to progress and growth?

I am just as guilty of dismissing an idea I disagree with, but I, we, need to learn to embrace those ideas and our differences. We all have common goals – we want the country we live in to be safe. We want to have a chance to succeed. We want happiness for ourselves and for our children.

In order to want and actually have these things, we have to want them for all citizens, not just those that are carbon copies of ourselves.

While I’m not fully ready to embrace President-elect Trump’s ideas for a utopian America, I am ready to find a path to move forward. How do we bridge the divide? How do we come back together and restart progress towards equality?

I think we start by loving thy neighbor.