Just Another Libtard Snowflake

Why have I been sharing so many political position posts? The answer is simple, I am incredibly tired of being called a libtard and I’m even more tired of being ignored and dismissed for thinking the way I do. I’m also sick of people assuming I am lazy, uneducated, begging for handouts or whatever liberal stereotype they’ve decided to label me with.

My political opinions aren’t trivially founded. They are based on my years of life experience and education, just as I assume yours are. And, just like yours, they are valid.

I’ve read a lot of posts lately that have called us sore losers. They said we are pathetic and need to just accept the results and move on. They want us to respect Trump as the president-elect and fall into line.

Just like they did with President Obama.

I nearly choked writing that.

The lack of respect that has been given to President Obama and the First Lady has been repugnant. The First Couple has been the very picture of grace and dignity, but were judged based on the color of their skin rather than their merit and work. His nationality was questioned to a distracting degree. He was called the antichrist. They shouted from the rooftops that he was not their president.

President Obama won BOTH the popular vote and the electoral college in both 2008 and 2012. Don’t believe that, look it up via a reputable site. Another fact, president-elect Trump did not win the popular vote, but he did win the electoral college. So, when you say the majority has spoken, that is true. They have and they spoke for Secretary Clinton. We just happen to have a system in place that prevents direct democracy. There are several reasons for this that I won’t get into or debate.

Regardless of that fact, he is still the president-elect. I don’t agree with it. I don’t like it. I don’t support the platform and rhetoric he ran on, but I do support the office. And, yes, that is possible.

That said, I will continue to fight for and stand up for what is right. I will stand beside those fighting for their rights and civil liberties to be protected. I will fight for the poor and disenfranchised.

If this hasn’t become abundantly clear, my voice will only be getting louder. I am certain those that don’t agree with me have already tuned out and that is ok. But, my goal is to share my positions is a safe place and to have the ability to explain the reasons why I believe what I do. Perhaps even shed some truth on what it means to be liberal.