Here we are Again

This morning as I felt Baby Girl squirming & kicking in my belly, I fought back tears for the mothers who lost their babies yesterday. 20 children were murdered at Sandy Hook and we did nothing. How many were murdered yesterday? Will we continue to do nothing? Will this, yet another mass shooting at a house of worship, finally be the straw that breaks our back? Will we fight for change?

Or will we continue to bow to the almighty NRA and allow gun manufacturers and sellers to dictate where our children are safe. Which, apparently, is nowhere.

There will be far too many funerals, again.
Thoughts and prayers, again.
Then what? What comes next?

Do we continue to blame mental illness while stripping away healthcare for mental illness? Do we ignore the fact that another AR-15 was used (again). Do we sit back and continue to wonder how a person convicted of domestic violence was able to legally purchase a gun? Do we dissect his life inch by inch looking for a motive or trigger? Or do we finally pull the trigger and realize that we cannot continue to allow single gunmen armed with assault riffles, bullets and the Second Amendment to steal lives?

We’ve been idle and complacent for too long. This cannot continue. We will close borders over a terrorist attack. We build barriers after a pickup runs down bicyclists. We take our shoes off after a lone shoe bombing attempt. We limit cold medicine after a meth epidemic.

But, 377 mass shootings in less than a year and the GOP and NRA hide behind money and the Second Amendment, so we throw our hands up. And mothers continue burying their babies. Husbands say goodbye to wives. Communities lose members. Churches, concerts, movie theaters, schools, malls, Walmarts all become graveyards of our incompetency.

Enough is enough. It’s time to do something. If we fail to act THIS TIME we fail our country and our citizens. We fail our children. We fail. We lose. Is that enough motivation for your ego, Trump? We are losers if we fail to do something to stop this. We cannot and will it continue as a nation if it is acceptable to murder children and families.

By refusing to act, we are saying this is acceptable. It’s that simple. If we do nothing, we, yet again, confirm that no human life matters. We once again put metal and bullets above the sanctity of human life. Is that who we are, America?

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