Like Air

Waiting is a game I’m not that great at.

If you’re a Hamilton fan, you’re probably familiar with the song “Nonstop.” The lines, “why do you write like you’re running out of time; write day and night like you’re running out of time” are very personal to me.

The pressure to constantly be producing and going is entirely internal. I don’t have a deadline or a word quota but I constantly feel like if I’m not writing, I’m not breathing.

There is something about creating words on a page that was once blank that breaths life into me.

But the need to write can also be suffocating. Especially when the words aren’t flowing. It often feels like I’m letting my characters down when I leave their stories untold or unfinished.

Both of these feelings—invigoration and suffocation—drive new forward. Both inspire me. Both are necessary to the process.

I’m currently in between projects and in the without air phase of writing. I’m fairly certain I know what story is coming next but I’m waiting for the words to find their way to the page.

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