My Writing Process

I present to you a decade of writing, give or take a manuscript or two. Not to mention the mountain of unfinished or not started manuscripts buried deep within my Google Drive.

Here’s a fun insight into my writing chaos: I’m a fast writer. Once I get an idea fleshed, I’m gone. I could spend weeks on character developments and outlines but once I sit down to write, I will knock out the first draft in about 45 days.

Every writer has their own method of what works for them. There are pantsers and plotters. Speed writers and slow writers, and everything in between. No approach is better than another, we’re all just different. Plotting doesn’t ruin creativity or take away the spontaneity (my outlines are living documents and change as my characters and stories reveal paths forward). Pantsing doesn’t mean a story isn’t fully developed. It’s just a different way of doing things.

I loved writing every one of these books. The characters are still nagging at me to come back and revise their stories. One day, I will. For now, I’m in a different headspace and am full throttle. I have so many stories I want to tell.

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