Daisy Jones & the Six, Taylor Jenkins Reid


Daisy Jones & the Six, Taylor Jenkins Reid.


You know that scene in Almost Famous when they all start singing Tiny Dancer? Every time I watch that, it gives me this intense feeling of contentment. I want to be there on that bus singing that song with those people. Then anytime you hear that song, that feeling hits again.

That is exactly how it felt reading Daisy Jones & The Six. 

It’s like hearing the opening riff to your favorite song. Hitting that impossible high note as you’re flying down the interstate. It’s knowing every single word and singing right along with the band. It’s leaving a concert, flying high and feeling like you’re in the band.

Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne are the stuff rock dreams are made of, but it was Graham and Karen that broke my heart. Billy and Daisy were oil and water, but Graham and Karen were rose petals and thorns. They belonged together, but the stem kept the separated – beauty and pain – to keep them on their own paths.

I could read about Daisy Jones & the Six forever. Each character was perfectly flawed. And, I need Reese to hurry up and make this show so I can hear those songs. Please.

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