On the Come Up, Angie Thomas


On The Come Up, Angie Thomas


What I love most about Angie Thomas’s writing is how real and honest it is. Bri’s character is expertly written and defined. You feel what she feels. See what she sees. Want what she wants.

On the Come Up is about a girl with dreams, struggles and a bit of an identity crisis. To get what she wants, she has to be who she isn’t and doesn’t want to be. Each step forward is a step further away from herself.

Garden Heights, where The Hate U Give took place, is a phenomenal supporting character. Thomas puts you in the heart of the city. She’s created a world and characters that pull you in and shows you the beauty and pain that resides beyond the landscape the rest of the world sees.

On the Come Up had me laughing one minute, crying the next and then angry at the world. Sometimes all on the same page.

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