Nothing but Darkness, Maria Ann Green


Nothing But Darkness, Maria Ann Green


Holy. Shit.

I had a conversation with the author of Nothing but Darkness before I started reading. I’d mentioned how much I despised Gone Girl (legit, hatred). She commented I might not like her book.

She was wrong. And right. Aidan, the main character, is completely hate worthy. He’s a superficial, chauvinistic, judgmental asshole. Oh, and a complete psychopath. Textbook psychopath.

From the first page, you know Aidan is going to do something horrific. He has zero respect for women or men, for that matter. But he hold a special disdain for women, seeing nearly all of them as an object to meet his desire.

Aidan’s nightmares soon become reality when he awakes to find his latest conquest fulfilled more than one of his fantasies.

I’m not usually one to enjoy dark thrillers. I’m especially freaked out when the content is something that could have been ripped from the headlines. (If I have nightmares, I’m coming for you @mariainmadness.) But this book was so well written that I couldn’t put it down. The very definition of a page turner.

It should go without saying, but there are plenty of triggers in this book and it won’t be for everyone. If you love intense thrillers where you actively root for the main character to be caught and thrown into a dark cell for their crimes, you will devour Nothing but Darkness.

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