Restless Wave, John McCain


Restless Wave, John McCain


One of my consistent goals is to learn to listen to and respect views and opinions that differ from my own.

I’ll admit this isn’t always easy and I often struggle to keep my mind open.

Prior to Restless Wave, I just finished James Clapper’s Facts and Fears. McCain and Clapper served in similar eras, so these two books complimented each other.

I may not have voted for or always agreed with John McCain, but it’s hard to dispute his commitment to his country and doing, what he thought, was right. That was evident in the stories he told and the passion he brought to the words.

I listened to the audiobook of Restless Wave and Beau Bridges narrated, which made it even more enjoyable.

This book dives deep into the political side of war, international relations and America. McCain, for the most part, avoids political spats, but does interject his opinions and views heavily.

Restless Wave provided a perspective into the war-hero, statesman and international figure McCain became. The legacy he leaves behind is one I respect, perhaps even more after listening to his story.

The end of the book was hard for me . My father died of brain cancer, not the same that McCaine had, and it was difficult hearing about his final fight. Much of the book was tinged with his acceptance of his own mortality and often referenced things as his “final fight” or “last visit.”

The perspective of knowing your days are coming to a close provided him the ability to share, without filters his honesty. Some of his final votes and thoughts are ones I will always be thankful for.

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