The Woman I was Before, Kerry Fisher


The Woman I was Before, Kerry Fisher


I almost didn’t love this book. Kate’s story and mystery kept me intrigued and reading, but it was the twists with Sally and Gisela that hooked me.

In the beginning, I kept turning the page to find out what Kate was hiding. I had an idea, but I wasn’t certain. My assumption in how the reveal would occur was accurate, but despite its predictability, it was still satisfying.

Sally and Gisela were warmer characters, by design, and I could imagine meeting them for coffee or wine. They were relatable and real, despite their high society status and the false pretenses for perfection they touted online.

By the end of The Woman I was Before, I loved all three leading characters. Kate’s story broke my heart, and I felt her raw emotions as she shared the story with her new friends.

The Woman I was Before was charming, heartbreaking and satisfying.

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