Winter Street Series, Elin Hilderbrand

I did it! I finished the whole series, and I LOVED it. I’m going to attempt to review these without spoilers.

I adored the Quinn family. I first met Margaret in the final book of the Paradise series and was immediately drawn to her. I’d already had the Winter Street books on my shelf (I spent all year hunting for the full set).

Margaret and Jennifer were my favorites, but the others grew on me as I read through the series. Mitzi & Ava were the two biggest surprises for me. I loved the way they grew and changed over the series.

The last book gutted me. I can’t dive into why without giving a lot away, but there was a crucial storyline that hit very close to home for me.

As always, Elin Hilderbrand did not disappoint. She’s the queen of complicated plots, relationships, and families.

Editing to Add: I’m aware of the recent issue with this author and reviewers. While I do not agree with what she did, I am leaving my review here (which was conveniently posted the day before Bookstagram blew up with the controversy).

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