The End is Near

With over 43,000 words now under my belt, I am approaching the last few chapters. While, it is a little bittersweet, I am a little excited. Why? Because as I am wrapping up Rebecca’s story, another story has creeped its way into my subconscious and I am ready to start telling a new story. Hopefully, this will give me time to separate myself from Rebecca and Life Is But a Dream so I can come back and edit with fresh, unbiased eyes.

So, for those that are following along, we are up to Chapter Seventeen and let’s just say, Chapter Eighteen will be nice and juicy (I say this before writing a single word). You’ve got  little time to catch up before Chapter Eighteen goes up (hopefully tomorrow).

Side note, this might be my favorite Rebecca outfit to date.

Chapter Seventeen

Thirty Five Thousand & Stalling

The feverish pace I was on last week as slowed a bit. A few of you have let me know the slower pace is not sitting well (sorry Audrey and Christi). I have sat down to write Chapter Fourteen a few times and pecked out a few words but did not make significant progress.

Let’s be honest, a slow down was inevitable. I am sitting at a little over 35,000 words right now and have about eight chapters left to write. The story has hit the turning point where I know where things are going (sorry, no spoilers), but am struggling for the words to get there. So, be patient with me while I work through this process. In the meantime – Chapter Fourteen is finally posted on the Fiction tab.

Chapter Fourteen

Halfway Mark

My goal for the day was to hit 25,000 words and with a little morning and after work session, I was able to hit it. These two chapters were a little harder to write, since one of the catalysts of the story occurred in Chapter Eight. I debated adding in another chapter delving into detailed aftermath, but opted to advance the story and let the revelation sink in a little.

The next few days will likely see a slow down in writing as I have a concert tomorrow night and school work to catch up on.

While Chapter Ten didn’t have an outfit muse, I am posting two that tie in to Chapter Nine. First is the outfit Rebecca wears to Christmas with Kyle’s family and the second is the wedding dress Kyle’s mother picked for Rebecca.

Chapter Nine
Rebecca's Dress

Monday Morning

This morning, I was up at 4:30 to work out. I drank my pre-workout and put on my sports bra. I was ready to get my TurboFire ON! And then I thought, wait I can write a few words before I work out. So, I busted out my laptop and proceeded to sweat out over 2,800 words and complete Chapter Seven.

Workout will have to happen tonight. (Also, full confession: I am eating candy corn for breakfast. I think I fail at being healthy this morning).

Chapter Seven

Chapter Six and The Slowdown

Chapter six started as something else and then I felt that the story might be moving too quickly, so I decided to insert another chapter. As a result, my flow was a little off and the words did not come as easily. But considering I knocked out over 10,000 words in two days, I am good with where today ended up. Hopefully, I can keep up the momentum over the week along with workouts, work and school.

It’s not easy, but I’ve found that writing and the promise of writing is helping to balance things out. It is energizing to be excited about a project and I’ve found I am able to take that enthusiasm and translate it to work or school when I am not writing.

Hi, my name is Andrea and I am feeling extra cheestastic today 🙂

With that, Chapter Six is up and I am a little envious of Rebecca’s outfit. I do not have the balls to wear red pants.

Chapter Six

Chapter Six by girlinnashville featuring black shoes