Lie Baby Lie – Cover Reveal

I am so excited to (finally) share the Lie Baby Lie cover with you! This book has been a labor of love, and I cannot wait to get it into your hands. The preorder is officially live and the countdown to February 5 is on!

Caroline has a one track mind. She wants a baby, and she’s willing to do anything to get what she wants. Her husband, promised her she’d have her wish. When a secret from his past threatens to ruin Caroline’s plans, she takes matters into her own hands. His lies soon become her own web of lies and deceit.

Reese is desperate for a child too, but years of infertility and loss have jaded her. Secrets and lies have become second nature. The secrets she’s kept from her daughter. The lies to her husband about pregnancy tests. Reese hides behind these lies, protecting her family from truths that could hurt them and her.

Their lives are woven together in a way neither women understand. An unlikely, fragile friendship is born. Can it withstand the secrets and lies?

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