Reflecting on 2018 & Looking Forward

Confession time… When I released Life is But a Dream four years ago, I had huge dreams and goals of writing full time. A few weeks after the release, it was clear to me that quitting my day job was not an option. LIBAD sold less than 25 copies. I gave away about 600 in the hopes that people would read it and leave reviews. They didn’t. (PS reviews are vital to an author’s success.)

Writing is my passion. I may not be perfect at it, but I am proud of the work I do. Every ounce of me is poured into the stories I write (just ask my husband what it’s like trying to get my attention when I’m knee deep in a WIP).

Four years later, I decided on a whim to try again. I wrote Happily Ever Never in February of 2017 and completely forgot about it. When I set out to release a second book, I had two other manuscripts sitting on the back burner. But as soon as I reread Janna’s story, I knew hers was the one I wanted to share.

This time I didn’t have any huge dreams. All I wanted was to get another book in the hands of the readers that supported me. I arbitrarily picked a number as my big goal of how many copies I wanted to sell. Initially, I set that goal for launch week. While I didn’t hit it, HEN sold more copies in week one than LIBAD did in four years.

Progress, not perfection.

Today, two months after its release, I am just five copies away from that goal.

Thank you to all of you who have supported me with reviews and your purchases. I hope Janna’s story has touched you in some way.

I look forward to 2019 and all that I have planned. I can’t wait for you to meet the characters that have been in my head for so long.

Here is a little sneak peek into what to look for 2019:

  • Lie, Baby, Lie – February 5, 2019
    Caroline Davis has a one track mind. She wants a baby, and she’s willing to do do anything to get what she wants. Her husband, Ben Davis, promised her she’d have her wish. But a secret from his past threatens to ruin Caroline’s plans. Can she forgive his lie of omission or will she take matters into her own hands?
    Reese is desperate for a child too, but years of infertility and loss have jaded her. For Reese, secrets and lies have become second nature. The secret she’s kept from her daughter, Lily. The lies to her husband, Greg, about pregnancy tests. Reese hides behind these lies, protecting her family from truths that could hurt them.
    Their lives are woven together in a way neither women understand. How can two women in such different life stages have so much in common? An unlikely, fragile friendship is born, but can it withstand the secrets and lies?
  • Walk Like Her – June 2019
    Cassie Landon is the daughter of the perfect Belle Meade society woman, but she’s never quite lived up to her mother’s expectations. Her job isn’t good enough. Her boyfriend isn’t well-bred enough. She isn’t enough. When her father dies, a family secret is unraveled leaving Cassie to pick up the pieces and figure out where she belongs.


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